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Netfire Fibernet

About Us

Netfire - super fast fiber optic broadband service stepped to the markets on the last quarter of 2012.

Our Story :

Like all innovations, Netfire too has a very interesting story.

We the Netfire team hailing from the metropolitan sector, had to re-locate to the out skirts for over a period. Of the many, the hard one faced was to avail the broadband connectivity. Out of much struggle for over a month we finally had one. With no delay it backfired us in less than a week. Inquiring ended up with lame answers. Further hunt for the service with other network providers ended with answers, no feasibility.

We sat tight, keen on sight, deep in thoughts to resolve this. Out of the blue, marched to one of our minds was - Why not start our own broadband service ? Yes it was our founder.

Though it was a bit off more than one can chew, it was our turn to act with the ball in our court. With less open arms of support, we broke the back off, stating exactly what we intended to do, launching Netfire on the air...

'We await to march with times to do wonders and speak volumes of our success story'

ISO 9001: 2015 Certified

ISO 27001: 2013 Certified